You can now run different PHP versions per project: Release v3.0.0-beta-0.1

Checkout different Devilbox releaseΒΆ

You now have the devilbox downloaded at the latest version (git master branch). This is also recommended as it receives bugfixes frequently. If you however want to stay on a stable release, you need to check out a specific git tag.

Lets say you want your devilbox setup to be at release v1.0.1, all you have to do is to check out this specific git tag.

host> cd path/to/devilbox
# Ensure you have latest from remote
host> git fetch
# Switch to this release
host> git checkout v1.0.1


Whenever you check out a different version, make sure that your .env file is up-to-date with the bundled env-example file. Different Devilbox releases might require different settings to be available inside the .env file. Refer to the next section for how to create the .env file.