You can now run different PHP versions per project: Release v3.0.0-beta-0.1

4. Enable/disable PHP modules

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Follow the link to see all available PHP modules for each different PHP-FPM server version.

4.1. Enabled PHP modules

At the moment all PHP modules are enabled by default except ioncube, So this one is the only one you can currently enable. To do so follow the steps provided below:

  1. Stop the Devilbox

  2. Enable modules in .env under PHP_MODULES_ENABLE

    # Enable Ioncube
  3. Start the Devilbox

4.2. Disable PHP modules

If you feel there are currently too many modules loaded and you want to unload some of them by default, you can do so via a comma separated list in .env.

  1. Stop the Devilbox

  2. Disable modules in .env under PHP_MODULES_DISABLE

    # Disable Xdebug, Imagick and Swoole
  3. Start the Devilbox

4.3. Roadmap


In order to create a performent, secure and sane default PHP-FPM server, only really required modules should be enabled by default. The rest is up to the user to enable others as needed.

The current discussion about default modules can be found at the following Github issue. Please participate and give your ideas: