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The following is a collection of important do’s and don’ts you should be aware of when starting to use the Devilbox and Docker in general.

Table of Contents

9.1. Starting

9.1.1. Do not run via sudo or root

Do not start the Devilbox with sudo or as root user. If it complains about permissions when starting it with your normal system user, it is probably due to the fact, that your user is not in the docker group.

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Ensure you have read and done the following:


If you start the Devilbox with sudo or as root user, it will most likely mess with your file permissions.

9.1.2. Starting, Stopping and Restarting

Whenever you want to stop the Devilbox, change configuration and start up again, do not forget to remove stopped container.

# Stop the Devilbox
host> docker-compose stop

# Remove stopped container
host> docker-compose rm

# Start the Devilbox
host> docker-compose up

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Stop and Restart (why do docker-compose rm?)

9.2. Backups

Ensure to do regular database backups! Better safe then sorry!