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6. Add custom CNAME DNS entries

You can add an infinite number of custom CNAME records that will be available in your running Docker container. If Auto-DNS is turned on, those records will be available on your host operating system as well.

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6.1. Why and what?

This might be useful if you have an IP address or hostname on your LAN or any other domain which you want to expose to your container by a different CNAME of your choice.

Think of it as setting your /etc/hosts, but which will be distributed accross all hosts which are using the Devilbox’ bundled DNS server.

6.2. How?

Adjust the EXTRA_HOSTS variable inside .env to add as many CNAME’s as you need.

As an example, to create a CNAME pointing to, change your .env file as shown below:


See also

See EXTRA_HOSTS for an in-depth explanation with multiple examples.